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Sebagai penyemangat tentunya pencapain segala sesuatu bisa kita jadikan alat ukur sampai dimana hasil karya kita diterima oleh pembaca… special buat cafebiker,APM blog,HRMblog,motorjoss,ridermojopahit,mesin4tak,ridermatic,paklurah… monggo diincipi 🙂

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10 Comments on botd

  1. pertamaxxxx mahal

  2. menuju puncak.. :mrgreen:

  3. extraordinaryperson // 5 September 2011 pukul 10:29 pm // Balas

    blog saya bukan ya xixixi

  4. apa kunci agar masuk BOTD kang?

  5. mantabhhhhh kang,….

  6. Hi bikers!

    Let me introduce myself, I’m a management student from The Netherlands who loves bikes and currently owns a Ducati Monster 696.

    As a part of my academic path, I am working on a research project on motorcycles in Indonesia. Particularly I would like to understand what kind of people own motorcycles in Indonesia.

    For this purpose, I am kindly asking the users in this forum to complete a five-minutes online survey. It’s going to be very easy and it would mean a great help to me and my work.

    So if you live in Indonesia and you own one or more motorcycles, please, click on the link below and answer the questions.

    And ride safely 😉

    Talitha S.

  7. mantaps, keren2 artikel nya

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